Riserclad, a leader in Corrosion Control Products.


Over fifteen years of experience gives Dynagard the edge in composite-based, corrosion control products. Major oil companies worldwide are saving money by protecting their steel pipes from corrosion using Riserclad solutions. Offshore drilling rigs around the world rely on Riserclad for uniquely cost-effective methods of using composite materials to both repair corrosion and maintain their steel pipes. All Dynagard products are tough enough to hold up against the harshest marine environments including the harmful effects of the splash zone area. Traditional means of repair can be very time consuming and costly. Riserclad International proprietary products like DynaGard are quick, easy to use, require no hot work, and are cost effective. Riserclad’s composite corrosion control solutions are protecting the pipes of international petrochemical industries from the most destructive of nature’s corrosive environments by the most cost-effective means. If corrosion is your problem, we’ve got a solution. Let us help you protect your investments.

Installation of Riserclad corrosion control products are facilitated by highly qualified and experienced field personnel. Riserclad offers specialized inspection of defective piping and structural members, including a full survey evaluation report that will measure and map defects. Our field personnel are able to evaluate the problem and recommend a corrosion control or repair product. Specific conditions that may affect installation are included in the report, giving the operator as detailed a report as possible.

With corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, Riserclad International is able to meet the steel piping maintenance and repair needs of local oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Riserclad’s unique products and quality services are also available internationally through a wide network of distributors located in most offshore oil producing regions of the globe. Riserclad International, Inc. was formerly partnered with TOPCOR Offshore, LLC, which was a joint venture between TOPCOR Companies, LLC and Riserclad International.