4 Brilliant Ways to Prevent Pipes from Bursting

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Ways to prevent burst pipes

Burst pipes in a home can be caused by different factors. The most common cause for this plumbing issue is freezing conditions. Pipe failure can also be caused by usual wear and tear or old age, misuse, and intense physical damage because of great pressure. Burst pipes are one of the most chaotic plumbing problems… Read more »

4 Shocking Signs You Have Pipe Corrosion

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Signs of pipe corrosion

Due to a combination of factors such as oxygen, leaks, and what not, your pipes will begin to corrode over time. This corrosion takes on a number of forms such as leaks, increased pressure, and ultimately bursting pipes if the situation is not identified and corrected early enough. For that reason, getting to know what… Read more »

Different Types of Materials That Are Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Materials of pipes used in the oil and gas industry

Many countries across the globe now rely on oil and gas for a variety of everyday needs, such as heating and transportation. Therefore, it is no surprise that demand for fossil fuels remains high, especially considering the onset of cleaner-burning fuel sources like diesel and compressed natural gas. Things such as different types of materials… Read more »

The Impact of Corrosion on the Gas and Oil Industry

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Corrosion's impact in the gas and oil industry

Petroleum products like gas and oil come from reserves located below the surface of the Earth. These reserves are tapped into by various means (mining, fracking, etc.), after which raw materials are harvested and refined to make the gas and oil products that we use in our homes, automobiles, and so on. In order to… Read more »

What Causes Pipe Erosion?

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Pipe erosion

Like the aqueducts of old that were used to bring water into towns and early piping designed to reduce contagion by carrying effluent away from civilization, pipes have long provided a safe and convenient means of transporting liquids, gases, and even some solids. These days, pipes are many and varied, supplied for a variety of… Read more »