Easy installation and superior protection makes DynaGard one of the most cost-effective products for pipe protection offered by Riserclad. Specially designed to insulate pipes from their supports, DynaGard pipe saddles quickly eliminate the risk of pipe corrosion by preventing moisture penetration and metal on metal contact, all without any chemical mixing, straps, or hot work. DynaGard’s wear pad installation is made easy by its adhesive liner, allowing the corrosive-resistant composite shell to isolate the pipe and prevent damage caused by moisture penetration, movement due to expansion, and metal on metal contact with the pipe wear support. Whether you’re searching for pipe wear pads, pipeline corrosion protection, a pipe protection sleeve, or other piping protection, you’ll find the best solutions from DynaGard for long-lasting durability.

Fast, Easy, and Cost-Effective Pipe Corrosion Protection

Unlike normal pipe wear pads, DynaGard pipe saddles require no special tools or training to install, and feature DGB, a very high bond strength adhesive that ensures a secure and lasting hold. With ease of installation and superior protection, the DynaGard corrosion prevention system offers a cost effective solution to pipe corrosion, reducing maintenance costs by reducing the wear and tear brought on by typical pipe expansion and contraction.

Riserclad has dedicated itself to providing pipe pads and saddles to help the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries prevent corrosion in their conduit systems, reducing maintenance costs and therefore increasing productivity. Place an order for DynaGard today and let Riserclad provide for you what it has been providing for petrochemical companies worldwide – unique solutions and superior quality.




The Best Wear Pads for Piping

DynaGard is an easy to install pipeline corrosion protection system that isolates the pipe from its support. It consists of a rigid, composite shell, fitted with a corrosion resistant, adhesive liner. At the point where a pipe comes into contact with a support, abrasion associated with pipe vibration or movement can wear away protective coatings over time. Without the benefit of a protective coating, the steel of the pipe is in direct contact with the steel of the support. A corrosion cell is created and the moisture or water that collects at the contact point, or crevice, accelerates corrosion. As a result, pitting or another loss of steel wall occurs, creating the potential for leaks and other hazards. To enhance pipeline corrosion protection and avoid corrosion problems associated with pipe supports, companies often insert a “wear pad” to isolate the pipe from its support. Traditional wear pads require several steps to install, increasing the cost greatly. Likewise, traditional wear pads do not have the physical properties necessary to withstand the stress, both mechanical and environmental, that characterizes the interface between a pipe and its support. Consequently, wear pads have to be replaced frequently, driving up maintenance costs.

Unlike traditional wear pads that must be welded or glued, it just takes a minute to peel off the protective release liner and stick the DynaGard onto the pipe. Our pipe pads outshine the competition with simple installation and long-lasting durability that protects pipes from corrosion and the wear and tear leading up to the problem. You can trust our pipe protection system to save money in the long run, reducing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.


  • Raise pipe off support
  • Clean and dry bottom of the pipe
  • Remove DynaGard release liner
  • Stick to the pipe at 6 O’clock
  • Pull firmly against the pipe
  • Lower pipe back onto the support


  • Easy to install
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • No mixing or set-up time
  • No straps or hot work
  • Installation time– less than one minute
  • No moisture penetration
  • No condensation cavities
  • No crevice corrosion
  • No metal to metal contact
  • No interference with CP

Stop Pipe Corrosion in Its Path

The best way to maintain smooth operations is to prevent pipe corrosion from occurring in the first place. Our wear pads for piping are ideal for pipeline corrosion prevention, offering the ultimate protection without the hassle of complex installation required by other pipe pads. Our pipe wear pads are easy to use and last longer than other options, giving you the best solutions to protect your operations and keep your business running smoothly. Contact our team today to discuss the advantages of our pipe protection sleeves and learn why we are the top choice to meet your needs.