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Corrosion occurs naturally when metal is exposed to air and the environment it’s in. And it happens over time, so you may not always notice when it’s happening. But left untreated, corrosion will impact the strength and aesthetic appeal of your metal.

So what are the easiest and most effective ways to prevent pipeline corrosion? How do you protect your investment?

It may be easier than you think. There are a few simple ideas that will ensure you can work smarter, not harder, both now and in the future. Let’s look at 3 tips!

1. Advanced Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned the inner portions of the pipe? If you’re looking for tips on how to prevent corrosion, this is probably the first place you should look.

An advanced cleaning program means you turn to the inside of the pipe, using very non-aggressive pipeline pigs that give out low-density foam. This will help to remove contaminants and other build-up that can decrease pipeline corrosion.

If you get “under the hood” and realize there are very thick deposits of buildup, you will need a smaller pig for the job. The key is to maintain your pipes by doing this every so often, so that corrosion on the inside doesn’t have a chance to ruin your investment.

2. Best Practices

There are plenty of good reasons to fight pipeline corrosion. How else can corrosion be prevented? One other way is to look at how you’re installing the pipes to begin with. For example:

Keeping the area around the metal dry, and using drying agents to protect your pipes from water.

Making sure the piping has a layer of backfill (limestone is a good material) if it’s underground.

And finally, making sure any electrical components are cleaned regularly. This “checklist” of sorts will ensure that you have to do less maintenance cleaning on your pipes and that they still stay free of corrosion.

3. What’s On The Surface?

Corrosion is more likely to happen on the outside of the pipe than on the inside. While the most common type of coating is an epoxy coating, ask yourself what type of pipes you’re using to begin with.

Are you picking composite-based, corrosion controlled products? Doing the research before you purchase can help you find a cost-effective piping solution that will still hold up and prove worth the investment. When it comes to ways to prevent corrosion, start with the raw materials.

Prevent Pipeline Corrosion- Wrap-Up

While corrosion is a natural process, the ways to prevent pipeline corrosion are well known and pretty simple. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your pipes, and maintain a checklist of “best practices” that make maintenance easy when the time comes.

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