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Each year, oil, gas, and water companies use approximately six percent of their total revenue to combat corrosion. Despite vast investments in corrective maintenance, pipeline corrosion continues to cost the American economy close to nine billion dollars annually.


The best approach to tackle the corrosion problem is by adopting a preventive maintenance approach. Corrosion protection systems need to be replaced more often than people do. Are you interested in these preventive systems? Below are some of the features to look out for in potential providers.




Moisture and heat are some of the most notorious causes of pipeline corrosion. A standard refinery has alternating heating and cooling processes that are likely to bring corrosion problems. The instant interchange between hot and cold material causes pipe erosion, which primarily occurs in the form of external cracks.


With this problem in mind, any material you choose not crack easily. Whether it is a water company or an oil refinery, pipe protection has to be a top priority.


The protection begins by preventing moisture penetration. The presence of water particles can easily erode the external surfaces of exposed pipes. In most cases, firms opt for painting as an approach to curb pipe erosion, an approach that is only useful in the short-term.


In the long-run, you will need better corrosion protection systems, and the use of pipe wear pads is one of them.


Easy to Install


An effective corrosion protection system is easy to install. Unlike other complex systems, pipe pads are external components of the pipeline and are easy to fix.


The installation process should not require any special skills. In most cases, the protection systems do not need any form of welding. Additionally, they have no effects on the media being transported through the pipes. Instead, these systems insulate pipes that prevent contamination of the content.


In cases where special attention is required in the installation, the manufacturers must offer much needed support. Always obtain corrosion protection materials from reputable dealers who provide after-sale services.


Even when the materials are perceived to be easy to install, ask for an installation manual. Use this manual as a guide. In areas where you can’t understand, your dealer is only a phone call away.


Low Costs


The primary goal of each business is to generate enough revenues and have a wider profit margin. The presence of leaking piping systems does not contribute to these goals in any way. A corrosion protection system comes in to lower these costs.


The cost-effectiveness should play out in the sense that the installed system should be long-lasting. Unlike ordinary installations, a high-quality system should serve you for years, depending on the intensity of use.


Positive Reviews


Every problem in the world presents a new business opportunity. In the recent past, there has been an influx of new entrants into the corrosion prevention market. While some are genuine, the majority of them are out here to take advantage of desperate firms.


Any reputable pipeline corrosion protection firm must have an established and secure online space. Additionally, their website should have a reasonable number of genuine reviews. If anything, these reviews will inform the decision you make.


Newly established firms can hardly offer long-term pipeline integrity solutions. The experience of the company in the sector will, therefore, be a crucial part of the decision you make.


Quality Customer Service


Customer service is part of the pipeline corrosion protection process. How did the firm treat you from the first encounter? How often have they been communicating? Any flaws that manifest in the early encounters are likely to be replicated in the final product.


Firms that do not value their customers can hardly meet the corrosion protection system requirements. Look for companies that offer customized products since not all pipe pads are similar.


Final Word


Apart from the lost revenues, leaking gas and oil pipes pose a significant environmental risk. Firms must, therefore, be ready to experiment with the available corrosion protection methods and retain what works best for them. In this case, no prevention approach beats the use of wear pads. For more information on an effective corrosion protection system, contact us today.

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