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corrosion controlMeasuring in at over 2.4 million miles, the United States alone has the largest energy pipeline in the world. This includes over 72,000 miles of crude oil pipeline that connects regional markets across the country.

And while many companies, communities, and consumers recognize the corrosion issues associated with all this pipe they miss one major factor.

Beyond the commercial reasons for corrosion control safety is a huge concern with aging pipelines.

In fact, addressing the issue as fast as possible can save lives.

Let us show you how vital controlling corrosion is to safety:

The Leading Cause of Spills

A recent explosion killed 2 people and sent 2 others to the hospital in Colorado. The sad truth is many knew the risks surrounding the pipeline that ruptured.

As a result, the new state pipeline engineer in Colorado investigated accidents. They found that nearly half the pipeline failures in the state were a result of corrosion.

And Colorado isn’t alone. There are other parts of North America where corrosion is the leading cause of accidents.

With lives and injuries on the line, it’s more important than ever to address corrosion.

Safety Risks Are Increasing

As corrosion is the culprit in so many so many safety issues it is a necessity to address the concern fast. Critics remind all of us that as pipelines age the dangers will continue to grow.

While pipelines have been likened to the safe operations of airplanes, the comparison begins to fade as you consider the age of pipelines.

Unlike airplanes, pipelines aren’t maintained at the same level. As pipes age, the concerns grow.

Corrosion Can Act Fast

Aging pipelines aren’t the only culprit in major accidents. A recent pipeline blast in Pennsylvania was the result of miscalculations on the part of engineers.

During 2012 inspection officials noticed corrosion. But they anticipated the corrosion would grow at a rate of 2 to 3 percent annually.

The line corrosion increased approximately 5 times faster than expected.

The resulting blast burned 40 acres of land as well as a homeowner and his home.

Protect The Environment With Corrosion Control

Personal safety isn’t all that is at risk when pipelines suffer from corrosion. Corrosion led to a pipeline rupture in Santa Barbara last year that sent over 140,000 gallons of oil into the ocean.

The spill killed 204 birds and 106 marine animals.

Monitoring Isn’t Enough

In the case of the Santa Barbara oil leak the pipeline monitoring system had been turned off at the control center.

Unfortunately, inspections and monitoring aren’t enough when it comes to implementing safety controls. Lives are at stake.

We Can Help

With over fifteen years of experience, Dynagard offers the pipe saddles, the best in composite-based, corrosion control products. Major oil companies worldwide save money every day by protecting their steel pipes from corrosion using pipe saddles solutions.

We can help you address your vital safety needs too. Don’t wait to save money and reduce your risk of liability. Let us help you with your corrosion control issue today.

Contact us now and we will answer your questions or provide samples of our DynaGard Pipe Protection Products to help you achieve your safety goals.

corrosion control


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