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Pipe wear is something every pipeline company has to deal with. There are steps that you can take to slow down pipe wear. While no pipe will be impervious to pipe wear, addressing the main causes of pipe erosion can slow things down greatly.


Over 300 billion dollars each year is spent because of metal corrosion. Cutting that cost starts with taking the steps that are necessary to help slow down the effect of eroding pipes.


Causes of Wear On Pipes


Pipe wear occurs not only because of exterior factors but because of interior factors as well. For example, sand, grit, element exposure all play a role in the wear and tear on pipes, but what is flowing through that pipe also plays a role.


The temperature of the fluid and the content of the fluid can all cause wear and tear on the pipes. Piping is attacked from both inside and outside. The right corrosion protection system can help ward off a large part of the wear on your pipes.


A Worthy Investment


A corrosion protection system that includes a wear pad is a preventive system that can help to slow the pipe wear down to a manageable and affordable level. Pipe pads and pipe protection designed to insulate pipes and protect them from the elements is a good way to get the ROI on your piping that you should expect.


When it comes to piping an ounce of prevention truly is better than a pound of cure. Controlling pipe erosion can mean having the reliable piping system that you need for longer with less worry, it can also mean that you can save on costly repairs and replacements.


Investing in preventing a corrosion problem using the right corrosion protection methods will help to protect your larger piping investment. It is the smarter way to do business and get the return on your piping investment.


The Right Source


To get all the protection that you need to help slow down pipe wear, you have to turn to the right source. Long-term pipeline integrity starts with the right supplier. The right source will have the products that can help with preventing moisture penetration, corrosion resistance, and wear.


Laying your pipeline without the right protection systems in place is a risky game. You can connect with a leader in pipeline protection and get the materials you need to ensure that your investment delivers the best return possible.

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