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Metal corrosion costs the United States’ economy up to $300 billion annually. Bare or insulated piping that rests on structural steel will have corrosion problems that cause the pipe to leak. Bare piping just cannot rest on structural steel in a manner that doesn’t allow water to become trapped. Even protective paint cannot withstand corrosion over time. Typically, a paint system isn’t designed to withstand immersion service anyway. It will soften over time with the influence of water that has been trapped being one of the main causes of pipe erosion. This is what causes protective pipe coatings to have a corrosion problem and fail when the pipe moves and exposes parts of the steel surface leaving it bare.

Sometimes protective coatings just are not applied correctly during piping installation too. When this happens, a crevice can collect moisture that causes an accelerated rate of corrosion. It doesn’t matter if the support and pipe are made from the exact same material like carbon steel. The metallurgical difference provides the tiniest potential difference which can cause the formation of corrosion cells. Crevice corrosion, as well as any other type of corrosion, can lead to a hazardous situation for any piping system.


Pipe Pads Are the Solution

When you want long-term pipeline integrity, it takes the use of pipe pads. One of the top pipeline corrosion prevention tips is to utilize adhesive bonded, non-metallic pipe pads. Pipe protection of this sort keeps crevices from even forming. Pipe pads, otherwise known as wear pads, are adhesively bonded to pipes to create a continuous seal that is easily maintained around the pipe cradle to prevent crevices from forming. Pipe pads are easily installed and provide superior protection making them a cost-effective product for protection from corrosion for pipes.


Get Specially Designed Protection

A pipe wear pad from leading manufacturers is specially designed to insulate a pipe from its support while also swiftly eliminating the risk of corrosion via prevention of moisture penetration as well as metal on metal contact. When you use pads without chemical mixing, hot work, or straps you are assured a simple way to install adhesive liners that prevent damage otherwise caused by movement due to expansion, moisture penetration, and metal on metal abrasion with a pipe wear support.


Use Uniquely Designed Pipe Wear Pads That Are Cost-Effective

You don’t want to use just any pipe wear pads to protect your pipes. It takes fast, cost-effective, and easy protection that doesn’t require any training or special tools to install. The adhesive should be a very high bond strength to encourage a long-lasting and secure hold. Get superior protection as well as easy installation using pipe pads that help the gas, petrochemical, and oil industries reduce costs while preventing corrosion in conduit systems.

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