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Protect pipes from the outside with the right pipe saddle products that offer superior protection, easy installation and effective moisture penetration that will prevent moisture from damaging your pipes. Not every pipe saddle is the same although they all have common attributes. A pipe saddle is designed to insulate a pipe from its support, eliminating the devastating risk of corrosion by keeping moisture from penetrating as well as the contact of metal on metal with the added benefit of no chemical mixing, hot work or straps. Installation is easy when you use superior pipe saddles made by distributors that have put a lot of care into preventing moisture penetration.


Invest in Cost-Effective Corrosion Prevention


Pipes are the main flow for many industries and they necessitate protection. Pipeline corrosion protection should insulate pipes from their supports. A pipe saddle is precisely what will protect pipes by eliminating corrosion as well as moisture penetration. Being able to keep pipes impenetrable means that your business remains streamlined. Preventing moisture penetration will keep you from having to replace eroding pipes which can slow up business and put a halt to it altogether.


A wear pad with an adhesive liner can give the precise corrosive-resistant composite shell that isolates pipes and stops damage that is due to moisture, the movement caused by expansion, and metal contacting metal at a pipe support. When you want to establish and keep long-term pipeline integrity, you need an effective, easy and fast defense. Don’t settle for a normal pipe wear pad, choose pipe pads that go above and beyond to thoroughly shield your pipes.


Preventing Moisture Penetration Calls for a High Bond Strength Adhesive


Being able to keep pipes impenetrable reduces overall maintenance costs and increases productivity for the petrochemical, gas, and oil industries. The less wear and tear pipes endure, the better your conduit system will flow. Taking care of pipes was not always an easy task. Typical pipe wear pads are difficult to install. Now there are better choices available from top manufacturers that offer pipe saddles that require no training or special tools for installation. It takes a very high bond strength adhesive when it comes to preventing moisture penetration. A lasting and secure hold gives the superior protection you want with the ease of a simple installation.


Use Unique Solutions for Preventing Moisture Penetration


Exactly how does a corrosion protection system work for a pipeline? The right saddle products isolate pipes from their supports. A composite shell that’s rigid offers fitted corrosion resistance using an adhesive liner. The abrasion that comes with movement or vibrations within pipes wears away any protective coating over time at the point where pipes come into contact with their support. If there is no protection, the direct contact of metal to metal creates a corrosion cell where water or moisture will collect at the crevice or contact point and accelerates corrosion. Then pitting will occur, or some other type of loss of steel, creating the potential for many types of hazards and leaks.


Superior wear pads can help guard pipes against this type of corrosion. Pipes need to be isolated from their supports. However, you want to be able to install wear pads without all of the steps it takes using traditional pads. Your cost is increased as well as work times. Besides, traditional pads do not have the necessary physical properties needed to withstand environmental and mechanical stresses.


Use Wear Pads That Are Easy to Install


A traditional wear pad has to be glued or welded into place. Using revolutionary pads with industrial-strength adhesive takes just minutes to install. Peel off the protective release liner then just stick the pad on the pipe. Simple, easy, and ideal fortification doesn’t get any better or easier than that. Make sure that you follow all of the installation instructions for the perfect installation. Protecting pipes keeps your business running smoothly longer without increasing costs.


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