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Did you know that metal corrosion costs the U.S. economy nearly $300 billion every year? This is a problem many homeowners or business owners may face if they do not have pipeline corrosion protection already implemented in their pipe system. But what is pipeline corrosion, and how can you protect the outside of your pipes?

What Is Pipeline Corrosion?

Pipe corrosion refers to a process your pipes undergo when they begin to deteriorate. Eroding pipes can be caused by a number of factors, including external temperature, accumulated moisture, contact with other metals, microbes, and stress caused by mechanical vibrations. This can cause your home or business to develop a foul odor, make your water heater inefficient, and cause your entire pipeline to fail in extreme cases. This can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, so you shouldn’t wait to address this problem.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Pipeline Corrosion?

In order to make a pipe corrosion prevention plan, you need to know the warning signs of pipeline erosion. These can include frequent clogs in your pipes, discolored water, or water that doesn’t taste how it should.

How Can Pipeline Corrosion Be Prevented?

Pipeline corrosion protection is easy to accomplish with pipe pads. These pads prevent moisture from causing pipe erosion and can protect the piping from developing cracks caused by vibrations. These pads are also extremely easy to install and can save you money as they do not need to be welded or glued like traditional pipeline corrosion protection methods.

What Else Can Be Done To Prevent Pipeline Corrosion?

To help prevent internal corrosion, the first thing to check is the ph level of your water. If the ph is above seven, you may need to lower it depending on the type of pipes you have. If you have pipes that carry something other than water, make sure the chemicals don’t negatively interact with piping material. If the material is moving too quickly through the pipes, this can damage them as well. If you aren’t sure which prevention method to take, a specialist will be able to help you determine the necessary pipeline corrosions methods you should be using.

Final Thoughts

Pipe pads are an easy and cost-effective way to prevent external pipe corrosion. They can keep moisture off of your pipes, insulate pipes that may rest on one another, and keep your pipes’ temperature at an appropriate level. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and keep your home or business operating smoothly without needing to halt your daily routine.

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