2 1/2″ Nominal Pipe Size


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Nominal: 2 1/2″
Outside Diameter: 2.9″
Radius: 120 Degrees

Thickness: 1/4″


1. Length of DynaGard determined on basis of width of support.
2. Radius determined on basis of length of support, movement of pipe and weight of pipe.
3. Indicated “Radius” represents minimum manufacturer’s recommendation.

DynaGard, with its peel and stick feature, takes less than a minute to install and requires no mixing, special tools or training. DynaGard utilizes DGB, a very high bond strength adhesive that keeps the wear pad firmly secured to the pipe, overcoming friction associated with the support when the pipe moves as a result of expansion and contraction. (Riserclad should be contacted in advance if the pipe to be protected is expected have a significant amount of movement.)

With these advantages, DynaGard reduces maintenance costs, both from an installation standpoint and on a longer term basis by avoiding replacement costs.

Physical Characteristics of DynaGard:

  • No interference with cathodic protection.
  • Not subject to cathodic disbondment.
  • Superior adhesion to pipe and almost any coating or synthetic wrap.
  • Not subject to degradation by UV light
  • Excellent resistance to condensation, moisture or water and most Chemical and Acids (Chemical Resistance chart can be provided).

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