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Pipelines are some of the most incredible man-made objects you can find. They have to be planned, built, and maintained, which takes the effort of numerous people. Considering how many there are, pipeline corrosion protection is essential to good energy production. Now, with that in mind, let’s look at the 10 longest pipelines in the world and be wowed.

1. West-East Pipeline Project (5410 miles)

Started in 2002, this pipeline officially began to supply natural gas three years later. It’s so long that it travels through almost seventy cities in China, and is used for electricity. Further, there are plans to make this line more efficient by allowing it to transport more.

2. GASUN Pipeline (3100 miles)

This line is due to be completed by 2026. While still a ways from being done, this pipeline is geared to begin in Brazil and bring those north of the Amazon the gas they need.

3. Yamal-Europe Pipeline (2607 miles)

This pipeline provides gas to Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. This project began in 1994, and first began its production in 2006. Its capacity is 32.9 billion cubic meters, with each of the countries having a different part in its flow.

4. Trans-Saharan Pipeline (2565 miles)

In 2009, the planning for this project began. Its makers hoped to give options to people in Nigeria, Algeria, and Niger. The line was also meant to keep one source from being overused.

5. TransCanada Pipeline (2005 miles)

This is Canada’s longest pipeline, going through to Quebec and other places from Alberta. In 1951, Canada found a great need for better gas supply. This led them, along with the United States, to begin planning and financing for this pipeline. Oh, and it used to be the longest in the world!

6. Rockies Express Pipeline (1678 miles)

Commonly known as REX, this pipeline supplies up to 2.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day. Its services range from Colorado and Wyoming into Indiana. It was made even better (reaching its 2.6 billion cubic feet) after the Zone 3 Capacity Enhancement project came into action.

7. Transcontinental Pipeline (1671 miles)

This one is a real whopper! Reaching from West Texas to New York City, this main line is a vital source of natural gas to numerous people. It provides 12 million dekatherms every day (or about 12,000,000,000 cubic feet).

8. Trans-Mediterranean Pipeline (1610 miles)

The main purpose of this pipeline is to provide natural gas to Italy through Algeria. Though its building was finished in 1983, it was recently improved to carry even more gas, in 2012.

9. Northern Border Pipeline (1391 miles)

This pipeline supplies natural gas from both Canada and U.S.-owned companies. It carries a good supply of this gas through many of the western states, and is operated by TransCanada.

10. Nord Stream Pipeline (759 miles)

Going from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea, its pipes were constructed in 2 years (2010-2012). This took 23.5 million hours of hard work for 200,000 pipes. Wow!

These pipelines are a good example of the incredible things that can be achieved through hard work and effort. They also reveal the importance of corrosion protection. Imagine the damage that could be caused if any of these pipes corroded!

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