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Over time, it’s only natural for your pipes to wear down and corrode under the pressure of external factors. But this doesn’t mean pipe corrosion is welcome; in fact, pipeline corrosion costs the U.S. more than $9 billion each year on average. Without the proper corrosion protection system in place, you may find your pipes corrode faster than you think.

But what causes this corrosion in the first place? Here, we’ll talk about what factors in your soil can influence the health of your metal pipes and how pipe corrosion prevention can help.


There is always some level of water present in your soil. Try as they might, no plumber is able to craft metal pipes that are resistant to the slow corrosion performed by water.

The primary reason water will corrode the outside of your pipes is due to its oxygen content. This causes a reaction with the metal, promoting oxygenation and later rusting of these sensitive metals. But there are many causes of pipe erosion because of water. Fast-moving water or water that changes direction quickly can wear down your pipes at a faster rate than slow-moving water. If this water is particularly hot, the corrosion happens even quicker.

You should take water pH into account as well. While we’re used to drinking neutral water, particularly acidic or basic minerals derived from the soil are common. These very high levels or very low levels can strip a pipe of its protective coating over a shorter period of time than pipes laid in more basic soils.

Soil composition

Soil is composed of a number of organic and inorganic components. While soils with a high organic content can be great for the appearance of your lawn, they might not be so good for your pipes. Healthy soils promote more plant growth and these roots can eventually make their way into the weak spots of your pipes. On the other end of the spectrum, very dry soils with little to no organic matter are actually more sensitive to sudden environmental changes. If the soil shifts suddenly, it can upset the integrity of your pipes.

Of course, the pH of the soil can also affect the life of your pipes. Talk to your plumber about the many causes of long-term pipeline integrity today for more information.

Are you trying to improve the longevity of your pipes? Don’t let environmental factors harm your household. Invest in pipe corrosion prevention products, like pipe wear pads today. These insulating products will help stop harmful materials and water from impacting the integrity of your pipes. Contact Dynagard for more information about pipe corrosion prevention today.

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