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Pipeline erosion is a serious and expensive problem. The sooner you get ahead of this issue, the better. There are some early warning signs that you may be dealing with an erosion problem. If you notice any of these four signs, your pipeline is in need of attention.

1. Evidence of Rust

If you do an inspection of your pipeline and notice that you have some rust spots, this is an early warning sign that corrosion has taken hold. The rust may have yet to eat all the way through the pipeline, but if you give it enough time, it will. Addressing the issue sooner rather than later will help to reduce the risk of a serious failure.

You can take steps to eliminate pipe corrosion with pipe saddles. Our internal resources report that pipe saddles provide a barrier between pipes and their supports, which reduces the moisture buildup you get with metal on metal.

2. Visible Leaks

If your pipeline gets to the point where you have a leak, erosion is one of the most likely causes. Any time there’s a report of a leak, you can almost guarantee that you have a pipe that’s been compromised by an erosion situation. This will need immediate attention.

3. Soil Resistivity

If your pipeline is built into soil that has low resistivity, it’s destined for problems. If the soil is moist or has a low resistance to corrosion, it will erode the pipeline quickly. The soil itself can become corrosive, which will damage the pipeline over time. Periodic soil pH level checks can help you to keep an eye on things.

4. No Sign of External Stress, Yet The Pipeline is Cracking

A surefire sign that your pipeline is eroding is when you find stress fractures and cracks in the pipeline despite no external evidence of damage. Pipes can crack from the inside and show wear and tear on the outside when they start to fall apart. If you notice any changes on the outside of the pipe that can’t be explained by an external event, your pipeline needs some attention.

One of the best ways to ward off pipeline erosion is to maintain your pipeline and look for early warning signs that there’s a problem. In addition to keeping a close eye out for any of the signs above, be sure to take the necessary preventative measures by using high-quality products for corrosion prevention. For fast, easy, and cost-effective pipe corrosion protection, look no further than Dynagard. Contact us today to receive a quote or to order samples of our products.

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