How do Piping Networks Function?

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long-term pipeline integrity

When thinking about properly functioning piping networks, you must consider pipeline integrity management (PIM). This management system covers everything from the bare minimums of compliance to receiving higher reliability as a result of integrity programs. The best programs ensure your piping network functions at the highest level. These programs also guarantee long-term pipeline integrity over… Read more »

Cost-Effective Corrosion Protection Methods for Your Pipes.

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corrosion protection methods

It’s important to know how to keep your pipes protected from both inside and outside corrosion. Corroded pipes can easily burst and break, causing thousands of dollars in damage and severely impacting your business and industry. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective corrosion protection methods for your pipes. Using these methods below, you can ensure your… Read more »

What Are Insulate Pipes and How Are They Helpful??

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insulate pipes

Pipes are an incredibly important part of any home. They help move water around the home and play a role in day-to-day usage. If your pipes ever freeze they can burst, causing damage not only to the pipe but to the home or building as well. Insulate pipes can help to keep freezing and extreme… Read more »

Industrial Piping Systems: The Growing Need for Pipe Wear Pads

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Naked or uninsulated pipes pose a risk to the structural integrity of your piping system. The potential for pipe corrosion and damage is significantly high. The industrial piping systems naturally carry corrosive products. When combined with stress, humidity, and excessive pressure, the pipes eventually weaken and give in.   The damage can be devastating. Every… Read more »

5 Factors That Contribute to External Pipe Erosion

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pipe pads

No materials last forever. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that once we put work into making something like a pipe, its highly ordered structure can only deteriorate. Whether from corrosion, wear, abrasion, fatigue, or thermal stress, pipes lose their integrity and eventually fail. Pipe erosion occurs when pipe wall material thins out and weakens over… Read more »

What is the Best Cathodic Protection System

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cathodic protection system

Haven’t taken the necessary steps to secure the safety of your pipes? Then it’s a good thing you’re here. Corrosion is a natural occurrence, but it’s not one that you want to happen at your business or your home. Protecting your pipes should be of utmost importance. There are two safe cathodic protection systems that… Read more »

The Beginner’s Guide to Cathodic Protection for Pipelines

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cathodic protection

Plant managers and industrial pipeline workers should be aware of all the threats of pipeline corrosion. About 85% of all steel is under threat of oxidation and galvanic corrosion because it is carbon-based. Controlling corrosion involves implementing cathodic protection; this utilizes a process of electrochemical reactions, which suppresses oxidation inside a galvanized cell at the… Read more »

Intelligent Pigging: The Smart Way to Find Corrosion

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Pigging is a great way to protect your pipes without hurting your activity. Chances are, you’ve used “pigs” in the past. But did you know there is a smarter way of fighting corrosion? Intelligent pigging is taking the pipeline world by storm, and for good reason. It is by far the smartest method of finding… Read more »

4 Brilliant Ways to Prevent Pipes from Bursting

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Ways to prevent burst pipes

Burst pipes in a home can be caused by different factors. The most common cause for this plumbing issue is freezing conditions. Pipe failure can also be caused by usual wear and tear or old age, misuse, and intense physical damage because of great pressure. Burst pipes are one of the most chaotic plumbing problems… Read more »

Different Types of Materials That Are Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Materials of pipes used in the oil and gas industry

Many countries across the globe now rely on oil and gas for a variety of everyday needs, such as heating and transportation. Therefore, it is no surprise that demand for fossil fuels remains high, especially considering the onset of cleaner-burning fuel sources like diesel and compressed natural gas. Things such as different types of materials… Read more »