pipe erosion

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According to the Environment Protection Agency, heat and moisture are the two most common problems engineers face when designing a network of pipes. Fortunately, there are some ways to protect pipes from these threats. Here are some tips that you may want to consider to prevent pipe erosion.


Heat Insulation


As mentioned before, heat is one of the forces that threaten pipes. If you want your pipes to function normally, you have to invest in some heat insulation. There are several types of materials used to insulate pipes. The material you choose depends on what is transported by your pipes. The most common material that you can use for thermal insulation is mineral (basalt) wool. This material is not only good, but it’s quite affordable as well. You can also insulate using foam shells. Each type of material you use for insulation has its disadvantages. This means you need to consider the environment your pipes are in when choosing the insulation material. For instance, mineral wool should never come into contact with moisture, or else it loses its insulation properties.


Stable Structures


If your pipes are made of metal, you will want to ensure there is no friction, bouncing, and jiggling. This can increase the rate of wear on your pipes. Bouncing and jiggling can also cause crevices where corrosive materials will start setting in. This causes what is known as crevice corrosion. One of the best ways to prevent this is to use restraints. You can use things like clamps, straps, and U-bolts.


Metal Insulation


One of the things you will want to do to protect your pipes is to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Not all metals get along. If it so happens that your pipes get into contact with each other, one will pull electrons from the other. The result is that a section of the pipes where electrons have been pulled will become weaker, which compromises the pipe’s structure and causes pipe erosion. The most effective way to protect your pipes from this is to insulate them. You can use pipe shoes or wear pads for this. These items work as buffers between metals, enabling them to stay durable for longer.

These are some methods you can use to protect your pipes from pipe erosion. Get in touch with our team if you need help protecting your pipes from any of the threats above.

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